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Scuba diving in the marine reserve

Kisite-Mpunguti Marine park is a great location for beginners or those who have not dived for a long time. There is a beautiful coral reef that fringes Kisite island. It consists of a gently sloping wall with an abundance of hard corals from the surface to 18 meters. These corals are home to over 360 species of fish. The wealth, diversity and colours are fantastic. It is a very relaxed easy dive spot with little or no current.

Beginning and certified divers

During our dhow safari one or two scuba dives can be done in the marine park at Inner and Outer Kisite. When you are a qualified diver then bring your certification and logbook to enjoy the reef down to 12 meters. You can take your own dive gear on board or just let us know the required sizes during your booking.

July till September
24 - 26º C
October till December
26 - 28º C
January till April 
28 - 30º C
May till June
Rainy and windy

Meet the marine mammals around Kisite

Dolphin encounters are common in the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park, which consists of three islands all encircled by coral reefs. This area is home to several pods of dolphins, they are inquisitive, and there is a good chance that they may pass by to see who is there. In the park there is an abundance of fish and seafood for marine mammals. Dolphins are seen on most days but as they are wild animals, sightings cannot be guaranteed.

Marine life at the coral reef  

In the marine park you will find large schools of colourful reef fish. Sea turtles are often seen grazing on the corals, lion fish quietly watching you, blue spotted sting rays darting away as you glide along the reef, crocodile fish camouflaged in the sand, timid octopus and sleek looking squid. If you're lucky you will spot a giant grouper or even a reef shark.

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