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Kisite-Mpunguti National Marine Park

One of the highlights of our safari is the opportunity to encounter dolphins in their natural habitat. With careful adherence to the code of conduct, we ensure these magnificent creatures are respected and not disturbed during our encounters. Keep your eyes peeled, as lucky snorkelers and divers may even spot whales or whale sharks during their adventure.

Dolphin and whale watching

At Pilli Pipa Dhow Safari, we hold a deep reverence for the majestic marine life that graces the waters of Kisite Marine Park. Our approach is characterized by patience, mindfulness, and a deep commitment to their well-being. We understand that building trust and maintaining a respectful distance is paramount to ensuring harmonious interactions.

Code of conduct

As temporary guests in their natural habitat, we recognize the inherent unpredictability of these magnificent creatures. In our encounters with dolphins, whales, and whale sharks, we adhere to a clear code of conduct rooted in respect, appreciation, and responsible stewardship. This is aligned with the principles of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation society and International Dolphin Watch.


Do not chase or harrass

We allow marine mammals to dictate the terms of interaction, respecting their autonomy and personal space.

Avoid crowding

We limit the number of boats in proximity to minimize disturbance and preserve the tranquility of their environment.

Keep steady boat operation

Our captains navigate with care, minimizing disruptions by avoiding sudden changes in speed or direction.

Diving with dolphins
Dolphin watching
Pilli Pipa Dhow

Respect the vulnerable

We exercise heightened caution in the presence of young animals, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Quiet observation

During feeding or mating activities, we observe from a respectful distance, allowing natural behaviors to unfold.

Response to distress

If we detect any signs of distress or discomfort, we promptly withdraw to mitigate stress and uphold their welfare.

Diving under the dolphins
Dolphin Eating
Dolphins voor Boeg
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